Aeon Hokkaido Group stores are open from early morning to late night (8:00 AM to 11:00 PM, differing depending on location). We have a great variety of dining options including food court, restaurant area, bento lunches and drinks. We have a large selection of daily goods such as medicine, cosmetics, health food, cameras, home electric appliances, out-door wear, food, liquor, and souvenirs. We are in the same towns as Hokkaido’s airports making them very convenient. We hope to serve as helpful landmarks for your vast journeys across Hokkaido.
Aeon Yunokawa store is about 7 minutes walk from Yunokawa Onsen.
You must check out the Aeon Mall Asahikawa station, If you come to Asahikawa!
MaxValu is a big kitchen that supplies everyday goods and food to the local area.
MaxValu Maruyama Class store is located near the center of Sapporo.
MaxValu Wakamatsu store is the closest supermarket to Hakodate Station.
MaxValu Kutchan store is the supermarket that makes shopping fun for outdoor groups staying in Niseko area.