Hakodate and Okushiri Airport Area

Hakodate opened its doors early on as a supply center for the United States and Russia, and has continued to grow along with the development of the port.The Motomachi district, which stretches at the foot of Mount Hakodate, is lined with Russian and British architectural styles and is popular for its exotic atmosphere.
It is also famous for the last battle of the Meiji government that took place at Goryokaku. The area is famous for its cherry blossoms in spring.


Sightseeing : Trappist Monastery / Weeping cherry blossoms in Houki Temple / Kijihiki Highland / Marche / Fruit Picking / Cave of Lourdes / Hachironuma Park / Cherry blossoms corridor / Salmon Run

Sightseeing : Shikabe Kanketsusen Park / Hyotannuma Park / Fishing Experience / Forest Walk / Golf Course / Komagatake Cycling Tour / Shikabe Sea and Onsen Festival / Hot Spring Steaming Corner / Tarako Gozen

Sightseeing : Kanrin-Maru / Saraki Cape / Shiba-zakura Garden / Winter Misogi Festival / South Hokkaido Railway (Isatetsu) / Seine Net Experience / Milking Experience / Michi-no-Eki Misogi-no-Sato Kikonai / Hakodate Wagyu / Local Sake

Sightseeing : Squid rice / Komagatake / Oniushi Park / Cherry Blossom Festival / Torisaki hakkei / Nigorikawa Onsen / Michi-no-Eki “You You Mori” / Sushi / Hikoma Pork / Akiaji Festival / Golden Grilled Scallops

Sightseeing : Onuma National Park / Onuma Dango / Ski / Junsai / Night view behind Hakodate / Fruit Picking / Hakodate Onuma Beef / Golf Resort / Lake Onuma Festival / Soft Ice Cream

Sightseeing : Kaiyo-maru / Hokkeji Temple / Inishie Highway / Ezashi Oiwake / Heishi Rock / Hokkaido’s oldest shrine / Ubagami Grand Shrine / Kamome-jima Festival / Nishin-soba / Gokatteya Yokan

Hakodate and Okushiri Airport Area Map

❷ To Hakodate Station

96 Bound for Hakodate Station
Car and Rental car

❷ From Hakodate Station

❺ To Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station

JR Line Hakodate Liner
Buses bound for Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station 33 and 36
Car and Rental car

⓭ To Esashi

610 Bound for Esashi terminal
Car and Rental car

⓮ 奥尻島へ

Heart Land Ferry

❻ To Kikonai

South Hokkaido Railway
410 Get off at Kikonai Station bound for Kotaniishi.
Car and Rental car

❼ To Matsumae

510 Get off at Matsushiro bound for Matsumae Branch Office.
Car and Rental car

❷ From Hakodate Station

❽ To Onuma park

JR Line Limited Express Hokuto for Sapporo
210 Get off at Onuma park Station bound for Shikabe Local Office.
Car and Rental car

❾ To Mori-machi

JR Line Limited Express Hokuto for Sapporo
Car and Rental car

❿ To Yakumo

JR Line Limited Express Hokuto for Sapporo
310 Get off at Yakumo-ekimae bound for Oshamambe Bus Terminal.
Car and Rental car

❶From Hakodate Airport

❸ To Yunokawa Onsen

8.96 Bound for Hakodate Station
Car and Rental car

❹ To Goryokaku

7A, 7B : Around the Goryokaku area from the Yukawa Hot Springs tram stop front
Get off at Shiden Goryokaku Koen Mae Station.
Car and Rental car

⓫ To Jomon Ruins

96 Yukawa Danchi North Exit Transfer 99 Get off at Kakinoshima Site.
Car and Rental car

⓬To Shikabe Kanketsusen

225 Bouobnd for Ke
Car and Rental car