Nemuro Nakashibetsu Airport

Outdoor area to take in the magnificent nature Kushiro Airport/Nakashibetsu Airport Area

This is a vast tourist zone where Kushiro Marsh National Park and Akan-Mashu National Park converge. Wild birds such as the red-crowned crane and white-tailed eagle are popular.
The largest Ainu settlement (Ainu kotan) in Japan remains on the shores of Lake Akan, conveying Ainu culture. Kushiro Marsh is the first wetland in Japan to be registered in the Ramsar Convention.

F1 : Airport Information desk
From information around the airport including thing of sightseeing in Eastern Hokkaido please feel free to contact.
● tel +81-153-73-5651
● fax +81-153-73-5695
● Business Hours / 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

F2 : Airport Shop TANY
Souvenir, liquor, drink, magazine
● Business Hours / 8:30 a.m. – 5:40 p.m.
● tel +81-153-73-5012

Coffee, soft drinks, beer, curry, pizza
● Business Hours / 11:00 a.m. – 17:40 p.m.
● tel +81-153-72-0011

Souvenir, cigarette, liquor, drink, magazine, newspaper
● Business Hours / 8:30 a.m. -5:40 p.m.
● tel +81-153-73-5168

We provide information on transportation for Nakashibetsu Airport.
Please be careful about jumping out of wild animal on traffic in around airport.


Nakashibetsu Airport ← → Nakashibetsu Bus Terminal
Travel time : Approx. 10 mins.
Fare (One-way) : 240 yen

Nakashibetsu Airport ← → Nemuro Station Terminal
Travel time : Approx. 100 mins.
Fare (One-way) : 1,880 yen

Kushiro Rausu Line, Kushiro Shibetsu Line
Utoro ← → Rausu ← → Shibetsu ← → Nakashibetsu ← → Kushiro Sta.
Travel time : Approx. 2 hours and 10 mins. (Nakashibetsu ← → Kushiro Sta.)
Fare (One-way): 2,930 yen

Shibetsu-Shibecha Line
Shibetsu ← → Nakashibetsu ← → Shibecha Sta.
Travel time: Approx. 80 mins. (Nakashibetsu ← → Shibecha Sta.)
Fare (One-way) : 1,700 yen

Inquiries :
Nemuro Kotsu:Nemuro Office tel   +81-153-24-2202  Nakashibetsu Office tel   +81-153-73-4456
Akan Bus:Head office Office tel   +81-154-37-2224 Nakashibetsu Office tel   +81-153-73-4370

Car rental

Car rental counters are located in the arrival lobby on the first floor.

●Times car Nakashibetsu Airport  tel +81-153-72-5656 WEB
●Nippon Rent-a-car Service Nakashibetsu Airport tel +81-153-72-0919 WEB
●Nissan rent-a-car Nakashibetsu Airport  tel +81-153-73-5703 WEB
●Toyota rent-a-car Nakashibetsu Airport tel +81-153-78-8100 WEB
●ORIX rent-a-car Nakashibetsu Airport  tel +81-153-72-8489 WEB

Taxis are waiting at the taxi stand in front of the airport terminal building entrance.
Please contact the taxi company directly if you would like to make a reservation in advance.

Nitto Taxi   tel +81-153-72-3231 WEB
Hokuto Hire   tel +81-153-72-1222 WEB

Fare estimates

Nemuro cityAbout 20,000 yenAbout 80 minutes
JR Kushiro StationAbout 25,000 yenAbout 90 minutes
Kushiro AirportAbout 30,000 yenAbout 120 minutes
Memanbetsu AirportAbout 30,000 yenAbout 120 minutes

Take a bus to JR Kushiro Station or Shibecha Station and transfer to the JR line.

●Nakashibetsu Airport ← → Nakashibetsu Bus Terminal ← → Kushiro Sta.
●Nakashibetsu Airport ← → Nakashibetsu Bus Terminal ← → Shibecha Sta.
See bus information above.

  • To Nemuro Nakashibetsu Airport (10 minutes 240 yen)
  • To Kushiro (Akan Bus)
  • To Shibecha (Akan Bus)
  • To Kenebetsu (Akan Bus)
  • To Utoro (Akan Bus)
  • To Rausu (Akan Bus)
  • To Shibetsu (Akan Bus)
  • To Nemuro (Nemuro Kotsu)
  • To Attoko (Nemuro Kotsu)
  • To Betsukai (Nemuro Kotsu)

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