Best Accommodations for Travel in Hokkaido
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World Heritage Sites, National Parks, Geoparks, Japanese Heritage Sites, National Treasures, and famous sightseeing spots in Hokkaido.
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Site Concept
Hokkaido Regional Tourism Hotels” is a concise and convenient compilation of “comprehensive information one experiencing, seeing, learning, eating, buying, and walking around town” in and around sightseeing SPOTs. You can apply directly from this site with the lowest best rate.

Best Accommodations for Travel in Hokkaido, Japan
Best Accommodations for Travel in HokkaidoCentral Hokkaido AreaSouthern Hokkaido AreaDaisetsuzan AreaOkhotsk AreaEastern Hokkaido Area

In nature-rich Hokkaido, features like ‘luxury’ and ‘private’ alone are not enough.

  1. Hotels with rare experiences in World Natural Heritage sites and national parks
  2. Hotels with the best local produce and chefs who can bring out its best flavors
  3. Hotels with excellent sightseeing facilities with services for touring tourist spots including the surrounding area
  4. Hotels where you can experience some of the best hot springs in the world (e.g. botanical moor hot springs, strong acidic hot springs)
  5. Hotels convenient for attending high-profile conventions, events and festivals
  6. Hotels with great security and services.

We have compiled a list of hotels in the region that will make you fall in love with tourist attractions such as these. Here are some of the finest for your travel purposes in Hokkaido.
All can be booked directly.
Being UU Hokkaido, it introduces a comprehensive concept that includes information on sightseeing around areas, guided tours to experience areas, maps for walking around towns, local gourmet foods, specialties, shopping, and public transportation information.

Sapporo, Otaru|Hotels for Travel in Central Hokkaido

Hakodate|Hotels for Travel in Southern Hokkaido

Middle of Hokkaido|Hotels for Travel in Daisetsuzan

Shiretoko, Abashiri|Hotels for traveling in Okhotsk

Recommended Spots

Kushiro, Tokachi|Hotels for travel in Eastern Hokkaido

UU Hokkaido® is transmitted locally through 12 portals in Asia. We also publish a walking map.

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