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<Overview of Hokuto City>
■Hakodate Station – Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station (about 22 min. by Railway)
Mild climate / City of the Hokkaido Shinkansen / Night view of Hakodate from the Kijihiki Highland / Famous place of cherry blossom viewing spots in Hokkaido / South Hokkaido Railway / Delicious seafood / Town rich in agricultural products

Welcome to Hokuto City

Hokuto city, located in the south of Hokkaido and next to Hakodate city, is a town surrounded by sea and mountain with rich of nature.
The city features sightseeing spots with a strong sense of nature, including seasonal corridor-designed festivals that allow visitors to experience the four seasons and the Kijihiki Highland, which commands a panoramic view of Mount Hakodate and the Onuma Swamp. Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station, the first station on the Hokkaido Shinkansen, is also located in the city. With Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station as a base, visitors can easily tour Hakodate, Onuma, and other tourist attractions in addition to sightseeing in the city. Why not extend your trip to Hakodate? We look forward to welcoming you.

An official character of Hokuto city. The motif is Zushihokki, a combination of Hokki shellfish and rice. “Hokki wants you to come to Hokuto!”

Sightseeing Spots in Hokuto

From cherry blossom viewing spots to spectacular scenery, there is plenty to see and do!

Hokuto Cherry Blossoms

Hokuto city is one of the best spot for cherry blossoms in South Hokkaido.
Cherry blossoms bloom from mid-April every year, and a lot of people visit here for “Hanami.”
During the season, you can also enjoy the fantasy of illuminated cherry blossoms at night.

Recommended Events in Hokuto

Events full of charm are held in each of the four seasons!

Hokuto Sakura Festival

During the Hokuto Sakura Festival held in conjunction with the cherry blossom season, Hokkiji Temple, Matsumae Clan Hekirichi Jinya, and the cherry trees along the Ono River will be lit up. Visitors can enjoy the cherry blossoms not only during the day but also at night.

Hokuto Momiji Festival

This is an event held at Hachironuma Park to illuminate the autumn foliage. Visitors can enjoy the fantastic sight of autumn leaves illuminated by light reflected on the surface of the water of Hachironuma like a mirror.

Hokuto Hikari Festival

This is the collective name for the illumination held in front of Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station and the lighting event held on the tree-lined boulevard of the Trappist Monastery. The warm light creates a fantastic world.

Gourmet! All Together in Hokuto

One of Hokuto City’s largest gourmet events held every year at the end of June. One of the largest events in front of Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station, featuring “food” from Hokuto City, Donan and Tohoku!

Hokuto Food

Hokuto city has Ono Plain, an agricultural area, and Tsugaru Straits / Hakodate Bay where you can get a lot of seafood.
For specialties of farm products, “rice” from the birthplace of paddy in Hokkaido, “tomato” or “spring onion” which has one of the largest production volume in Hokkaido.

[Specialty sales and tasting]

[Specialty local products]

Rice (Fukkurinko)

Surf clam

Garou oyster etc.

Trappist products

Tomato juice

Wakame seaweed, Funori seaweed

A Journey Around Hokuto

This is the recommended route that links famous sightseeing spots in Hokuto. Please take a look at it as a reference for your trip to Hokuto!

More travel in the Hokuto!

In order to allow as many people as possible to see the view from the Kijihiki highland, a live camera has been installed at the Panorama Observation Deck from which you can look down on the Ono Plain, Tsugaru Straits, Komagatake, Onuma and other areas!
You can enjoy the panoramic view not only during the business hours of Panorama Observation Deck, but also early in the morning and at night. We hope you will take advantage of it.

Hokuto City Illustrated Map Top-Face (PDF 521KB)
Hokuto City Illustrated Map Reverside-Side (PDF 642KB)

Climate / Access

Climate of Hokuto

MonthAverage temperature (℃)Precipitation (mm)
MonthAverage temperature (℃)Precipitation (mm)

Traffic information

Recommended route: From Hakodate

Take the Hakodate Liner from Hakodate Station to Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station (about 22 min.)

Recommended route: From Sapporo

Take the Limited Express from Sapporo Station to Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station (about 3 hr. 30 min.)

Recommended route: From Tokyo

Take the Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station (about 4 hr. 16 min.)

  • JR Hakodate Station – JR Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station about 70 min.
  • JR Sapporo Station – JR Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station about 4 hr. 40 min.
  • Hakodate Airport – JR Hakodate Station about 20 min.
  • From JR Hakodate Station : about 20 km, about 35 min.
  • From JR Sapporo Station : about 260 km, about 4 hr. 30 min.
  • Tokyo Station – Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station (Shinkansen) about 4 hr. 16 min.
  • Sapporo Station – Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station (Limited Express) about 3 hr. 30 min.
  • Hakodate Station – Shin Hakodate Hokuto Station (Hakodate Liner) about 22 min.
  • Hakodate – Sapporo about 40 min.
  • Hakodate – Okushiri about 30 min.
  • Hakodate – Tokyo about 80 min.
  • Hakodate – Nagoya about 90 min.
  • Hakodate – Osaka about 95 min.

3-10, Chuo 1chome, Hokuto-shi, Hokkaido

1-1, Ichinowatari 1chome, Hokuto-shi, Hokkaido 
Added to the Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station
Hokuto City Tourism Exchange Center Main Building 1F

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