1. Preface- Characteristics of the Restaurant

  1. It is a restaurant specializing in Hokkaido sea urchin cuisine directly managed by a processing company.
  2. Serving fresh raw sea urchin year-round (the catch area differs depending on the fishing season).
  3. Serving additive-free raw sea urchin without using preservatives.
  4. You can eat a numerous sea urchin dishes drawing the taste of the sea urchin.

2. Murakami Sea Urchin Dishes

Additive-free raw sea urchin bowl
Additive-free raw sea urchin bowl

The most popular dish at this restaurant. Preservative-free, enjoy the natural flavor of sea urchin to your heart's content.

Rice bowl with 2 toppings
Rice bowl with 2 toppings

It is popular bowl where you can taste raw urchin without preservatives and Hokkaido's salmon roe.

Shell roasted sea urchin
Shell roasted sea urchin

You can really savor the natural flavor, as this sea urchin is preservative-free. The fragrant and rich sweetness is beautiful.

Additive free raw sea urchin sashimi
Additive free raw sea urchin sashimi

Sea urchin Murakami is a scarce sea urchin that doesn't use any preservatives. Enjoy the delicious and impressive experience.

Sea urchin gratin
Sea urchin gratin

A popular dish. Served in the sea urchin shell, we cook our special made white sauce thick with sea urchin mixed in topped with our boasted sea urchin.

Sea urchin with boiled rice in tea
Sea urchin with boiled rice in tea

By covering in piping hot dashi broth, the raw sea urchin becomes half cooked, the rich sweetness will melt in your mouth allowing you to enjoy the raw sea urchin even more.

Sea urchin on grilled rice ball
Sea urchin on grilled rice ball

Enjoy the aromatic grilled rice ball topped with sea urchin.

Sea urchin stock rolled omelet
Sea urchin stock rolled omelet

The Sea urchin Speciality store to be proud of dashimaki with use of raw urchin.

Sea urchin croquette
Sea urchin croquette

It is a special croquette containing fresh-baked Hokkaido potato with lots of Sea urchin.

3. The Secret to Our Great Taste

 Because sea urchins begin to fall apart after being removed from their shells, a preservative called alum is used to maintain their shape.
Alum prevents shape collapse, but loses the original melting texture and leaves the particular astringent taste on the tongue.

 The sea urchins of this restaurant are additive-free, not using alum but instead preserved using an original processing method conceived through longtime research.
Therefore, you can have the original sea urchin flavor.

  • Original processing technique not using alum.
  • Served with exquisite timing for freshness and taste.

4. Sea Urchin Trivia

Sea urchins are nutritious, sweet and they melt in your mouth. There are over 800 kinds of sea urchins in the world.
Out of 180 kinds in Japan, 7 kinds are targeted to catch.

※Our raw sea urchins ( northern sea urchin and short-spined sea urchin)

Sea urchins inhabit areas where kombu seaweed inhabits, drawing taking nourishment from the kombu.
The area surrounding Hokkaido is a production center for kombu. Rishiri kombu, Rausu kombu, and Hidaka kombu are famous.

Ezo bafun uni, red sea urchin, and kita murasaki uni, white sea urchin, are used in Hokkaido sea urchin cuisine.

This restaurant mainly uses white sea urchin.
During the winter from October to around April Russian produced red sea urchins from the south Kuril Islands are sometimes used.
From mid June to the end of August, Rishiri, Rebun produced red sea urchins are also offered on a limited menu.

left : short-spined sea urchin, right : northern sea urchin

5. Restaurant Infoemation & Access

Uni Murakami
 Hakodate Main Restaurant

Otemachi 22-1, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido
8:30a.m.-3:00p.m.(L.O. 2:30p.m.)
Deep-fried dish, Grilled dish L.O. 2:15p.m.
*Hakodate ekimae restaurant is open for dinner (5:30p.m.-9:30p.m. / L.O. 9:00p.m.).
New Year's Holiday (December 31- January 4)
We do not accept reservations via email or Inquiry page.
Please call the restaurant directly for reservations. +81-11-290-1000
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  • about 20 minutes from Hakodate airport to Hakodate station by bus.
  • 5 minutes walk from Hakodate Station.
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