Wakkanai and Rishiri Airport Area

This is the most northern National Park in Japan. Rishiri island, Rebun island is famous for its alpine plants.
In Rishiri island, there is Rishiri-fuji mountain of longing of climbers. Also Sarobetsu wilderness has been registered in the Ramsar Convention, It is famous as the Natural Flower Garden. It is a walking area unspoilt.

Sightseeing Areas







❷ To Wakkanai Station

Airport Bus 32 for Station Front Terminal
Car and Rental car

❷ From Wakkanai Station

❸ To Cape Noshappu

Bound for Noshappu, City Line
Car and Rental car

❷ From Wakkanai Station

❺ To Toyotomi Station

JR Line Limited Express Soya/Sarobetsu bound for Sapporo
Car and Rental car

❺→❻ To Toyotomi Onsen

81 Get off at Horonobe Rumoi Line Toyotomi Onsen.
Car and Rental car

❼ To Cape Soya

Tenpoku Cape Soya Line for Cape Soya
Car and Rental car