Hokkaido for 10,000 yen! It is a special page of Hokkaido version for foreign travelers who can book and purchase tickets of 10,000 yen to Hokkaido 9 Airport from Tokyo.
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CEDARS Communications Co.,Ltd. <URL http://ccc.ne.jp/

Name of Representative

Masanori Takahashi (Blog : Taka's log)


3-12, Higashi-sapporo 4 Jo 5 chome, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
33-2, Asakusa 1 chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Foundation & Business Type

Feb. 1990. IT Field, (Particularly, direct dispatch from various countries' servers)
Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan.
Hokkaido Sightseeing Information (UU-Hokkaido®) management, website production, walking map publication from the second day, tourism marketing, and more.


The entire island of Hokkaido is wonderful.
It is covered by Japan's richest nature. There are 11 designated national natural parks, and 14 designated Hokkaido prefectural natural parks.
There is sea, mountains, agriculture, fisheries, and dairy farming forming a treasure house of prosperous ingredients. It is a gourmet heaven with food such as crab, ramen, sushi, Japanese Wagyu beef, and rice.
And, up close you can see flowers such as lavender and cherry trees, wild birds such as Steller's sea eagles and red-crowned cranes, and other animals such as bears and Hokkaido deer. All seasons can capture the heart of a tourist, white winter, pink spring, blue summer, and crimson autumn.

This company began a service broadcasting Hokkaido's beauty to the world. The name of the service is UU-Hokkaido®.
We compile Hokkaido tourism content, offer helpful information to travelers and make reservations, and can give consultations.
There are no middle margins or introduction rebates like agencies have had in the past, our characteristic is to support the direct connection between cities, towns and villages and sightseeing companies.
Also, we send helpful information to travelers and make online reservations, and offer online consultations (limited to individual travelers).

Taka's log

The sightseeing information that can be seen online and read in Asia, Europe, and America is still in its infancy, and has no more content or quantity than that of sightseeing books sold at a bookstore.
Travel agent-based information is still mainstream, where as there is little information for actual experiences centered on tourists such as casual walks, local experiences and personal exchanges.
The broadcasting of Hokkaido's attraction has just begun.

We take the lead as an IT company dispatching sightseeing information.
The intermediation margin is unnecessary. We find and give the sightseeing contents of various travelers' perspectives. We introduce more on-site people. We introduce types of trip that you can enjoy more. That is fresh tourism information.
The first step is going to Hokkaido for a low 10,000 yen!

<Hokkaido is the most interesting.>
Hokkaido is very large by Japanese standards, and nine airports connect to cities such as Tokyo and Osaka domestically and three of them are international airports, Sapporo, Hakodate, and Asahikawa, connecting with foreign countries.
It so large that there are nine airports.
There are nine airports in five areas of Southern Hokkaido, Central Hokkaido, Northern Hokkaido, Eastern Hokkaido, and Okhotsk. And each area is different in climate and natural features.
In Hokkaido there are 25 national natural parks and prefectural natural parks conserving nature. Therefore you can see flowers, insects, birds, small animals, fish and shellfish up close.
The changes in the seasons bring great beauty as it snows in winter, and flowers blooms in spring, and the leaves of autumn turn.

<Take the first step, on a trip to Hokkaido from 10,000 yen, saving 1 day worth on costs.>
We introduce information to be able to reach nine airports from Tokyo, Osaka to Hokkaido for one way fare of 10,000 yen of the special non-Japanese traveler price this time.
As well as the introduction, we have made a way to make reservations, and complete purchase directly. We also introduce a bus from the airport.

Because there are more flights from overseas to Tokyo and Osaka than to the three international airports in Hokkaido, the price is much lower, and we consider that it's a good place to take a connection flight from.
In addition, you can arrive at one of the nine airports of Hokkaido from Tokyo or Osaka within two hours. Leaving from Tokyo or Osaka and going directly to the area you wish to do sightseeing is much more time efficient than going from Sapporo to the sightseeing spots by train, then going by bus, and depending on the location, you can manage it in a return trip saving you a whole day.
Therefore, the time you save can be spent better with the same amount of days, and cheaper. This is the view we have in mind for the tourist information we offer.

Hokkaido overflows with points unique to Japan. It is a veritable northern treasure island.
In addition, we announce contents with new ideas all the time. We think that it is very important to increase our circle of exchange with all the peoples of Asia.

CEDARS Communications Co.,Ltd.
 President and Representative Director / Masanori Takahashi
December 1, 2016

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