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Memanbetsu, Monbetsu Airport Outskirts Transport Information

This area with world natural heritage Shiretoko and Abashiri quasi-national Park is magnificent. Facing the Sea of Okhotsk that is famous for its drift ice, with plankton (microorganism) following the drift ice, it is full of seafood, as well as fruits of the land . The area brims with romance with a history of the peoples of Okhotsk culture who settled from the continent dreaming of this rich land.

Memanbetsu, Monbetsu Airport Outskirts Natural Park

National Park

A nationally managed park, representing Japan's natural scenery.

Shiretoko National Park

 Cape Shiretoko, Furepe Waterfall, Kamuiwakka Hot Falls, Shiretoko Goko Lakes, Shiretoko Pass

Quasi-National Park

The park is managed by the prefecture with natural scenery based on a national park.

Abashiri Quasi-national Park

 Mt. Tento, Cape Notorp, Koshimizu Primeval Flower Garden, Wakka Primeval Flower Garden, Lake Saroma, Lake Abashiri, Lake Tofutsu

Prefectural Natural Park

Following after national park, and quasi-national park is a park representing Hokkaido with its natural scenery.

Teshiodake Prefectural Natural Park

 Mt. Teshiodake

Sharidake Prefectural Natural Park

 Suiren Waterfall, Hagoromo Waterfall, Banjo Waterfall, Miharashi Waterfall, Nanae Waterfall, Raijin Waterfall, Reika Waterfall, Ryujin Pond

Wetlands Registered Under the Ramsar Convention

Wetlands registered by the convention on wetlands of international importance, especially as waterfowl habitat (Ramsar Convention).

Lake Tofutsu

 Visiting place for birds such as whooper swans and bean geese

Memanbetsu, Monbetsu Airport Outskirts Sightseeing Spots

Abashiri  Abashiri Tourist Information

Abashiri Prison Museum Abashiri Prison Museum
Flower Garden - Hana Tento Hana Tento
Notoro Cape Notoro Cape
Tofutsu Lake Waterfowl - Swampland Center Tofutsu Lake Waterfowl - Swampland Center
Notoro Lake Notoro Lake

Kitami  Kitami Tourist Information

Saroma Lake Saroma Lake
Mint Memorial Museum Mint Memorial Museum
Kita No Daichi No Suizokan Kita No Daichi No Suizokan
Wakka Primeval Flower Garden Wakka Primeval Flower Garden
Drift Ice in Tokoro Drift Ice in Tokoro

Shari  Shari Tourist Information

Shiretoko Goko Lakes Shiretoko Goko Lakes
 Kamuiwakka Hot Falls Kamuiwakka Hot Falls
Oshinkoshin Waterfall Oshinkoshin Waterfall
Shiretoko Pass Shiretoko Pass
Cape Puyuni Cape Puyuni

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