1-Day course ticket

1-Day course
1-Day course

1.Strolling in Hokuto City and <Gourmet food under the pass, Onuma Park, Various experiences>.
Time Schedule ※It is the current information for March 2020.
06:30 Purchase Hakodate Area Passport at Hakodate Station
07:07 South Hokkaido Railway Hakodate Station Departure 07:46 Getting off at Oshima-Tobetsu Station, rent a bicycle at Nakata store, and visit Cape Kattoshi Lighthouse and the Trappist Monastery.
10:53 Bus Oshima-Tobetsu Station Departure 11:00 Getting off at Moheji Head to the Hokutosei Square on foot. Pray at Yafurai Tenmangu Shrine and get a Go-shuin seal stamp
13:00 South Hokkaido Railway Moheji Station Departure 13:11 Getting off at Kamiiso Station Mall walk of Kamiiso, yakitori bento for lunch
14:26 Kamiiso Station Bus Stop Departure<Hakodate Bus 19 line, heading to Bus Center> 14:31 Getting off at Nanaehama nursery school (Nanaehamahoikuen) 3 mins walk 14:46 Nanaehama 5-chome Bus Stop Departure<Hakodate Bus 22 line, heading to Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station> 15:10 Getting off at Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station
From afternoon, choose from the 3 courses listed below.
Course 1
15:25 Bus Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station Departure <Hakodate Bus 36 line, heading to Hakodate Bus Center>15:31 Getting off at Hokkaido Konbukan
    Togeshita area cuisine(Nanairo-Nanae,Danshaku Lounge, etc.)
17:47 Hokkaido Konbukan Departure <Hakodate Bus 36 line, heading to Hakodate Bus Center> 18:34 Hakodate Station Arrival
19:00 Bus Hakodate Station Departure <Hakodate Bus 1 line,Platform 4> 19:30 Mt. Hakodate Peak Arrival
Course 2
15:13 Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station(Ltd. Exp. Hokuto 15: can board a non-reserved seat express fare for an additional 320 yen) 15:21 Getting off at Onumakoen Station
    Sightseeing in Onuma Park (Cycling, pleasure boat, sweet rice dumpling shop, shopping)
18:00 Onumakoen Station Departure 18:26 Hakodate Station Arrival (Ltd. Exp. Hokuto 15: can board a non-reserved seat express fare for an additional 630 yen)
Course 3
15:15 Taxi(About 10~30 minutes)  15:45 Various experiences (harvesting, Zen meditation, bonfire, etc.)
18:11 Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station Departure 18:26 Hakodate Station Arrival
Go from transport point Hakodate Station to Trappist Monastery of Hokuto.
Have a try of the South Hokkaido Railway (often called the Isa Tetsu) 40 mins one way.
JR Station ticket office Purchase a "Hakodate Area Passport" at the Hakodate JR Station ticket office!

We got up early to purchase the pass in the morning. As the Hakodate Station staff was kind, I was able to buy it without any problems.
※You can make your purchase by displaying a point and choose screen.

displaying a point and choose screenThe seafood bowl restaurant on the second-floor of the Hakodate Morning Market Ekini ichiba The seafood bowl which is surprisingly cheap

We got word of mouth information. The seafood bowl restaurant on the second-floor of the Hakodate Morning Market Ekini ichiba. There were a lot of 500 yen bowls that were delicious.

xix Information: 508 Ekini ichiba

The South Hokkaido Railway e-bike We rode on the South Hokkaido Railway(often called the Isa Tetsu)!

Well, when the train departed it really created an amazing atmosphere. "The South Hokkaido Railway" to Kikonai running along the Tsugaru Strait. It was a great feeling.
Getting off at Oshima-Tobetsu Station, we rented an e-bike. The aunty of the Nakata store was kind and explained using plenty of gestures. Thank you!

To the lighthouse and monastery at Oshima-Tobetsu
Cape Kattoshi Lighthouse

While we had time to spare for the return train, we saw the sparkling sea, cycling along the coast from the bike shop to the Cape Kattoshi Lighthouse 15 minutes away. Stopping our bikes at the foot of the hill, we walked up to the lighthouse and had a great view from the path.
The Tsugaru Strait marks the Blakiston Line which is a boundary line of animal life between Hokkaido in the north and Honshu in the south. Therefore there are animals which are only in Hokkaido like brown bears and red-crowned cranes and a white-tailed eagles. Cycling here is right at the border.

xix Information: 3127 Cape Kattoshi Lighthouse

Trappist Monastery Trappist MonasteryIt felt lovely heading down the straight avenue of cedar trees by bicycle.

Going to a Trappist Monastery by bicycle is a very rare type of trip. This place is Oshima-Tsubetsu and it is called the "Holy mother Trappist Convent of the lighthouse" in connection with the Cape Kattoshi Lighthouse. There is the first in Japan, Ordo Cisterciensis Trappist Convent organized on the very large donated site.
All the sites are sacred places. Monks perform farming and stock raising in the natural manner without the sound of machines and live a self-sufficient life. They make famous souvenirs such asTrappist butter, candy, cookies, and jam and earn an income aside from donations alone. It is a place creating existence from nothing. The lighthouse which gives light for ships coming over to such a remote northern place from far away. A light of hope. To the sacred place of "healing."
I wanted to jump right into the scenery of the famous straight avenue of cedar trees that leads directly to the monastery!

xix Information: 3111 Trappist Monastery

Moheji sta.


It is located on the opposite bank of Mt. Hakodate and is the town which was developed here long ago. One way from the entrance to Hakodate Bay is Mt. Hakodate, and the other is here, Moheji. There is Yafurai as a landmark.

Hokutosei Square

Hokutosei Square

A railroad fan can't get enough of this. Here rests the Hokutosei, that could run the 16-hour sleeper train between Ueno Station and Sapporo Station, that is now an abolished service.

xix Information: 3128 Hokutosei Square

Sakemi Bridge

Sakemi Bridge

The Sakemi Bridge is famous for being a place where salmon go upstream.

Yafurai Tenmangu Shrine Yafurai Tenmangu Shrine

Yafurai Tenmangu Shrine

The origin of Hokkaido includes two movements. One was the reclamation of thee time that people came over from what is now Aomori and built castle-like buildings being the 12 of Southern Hokkaido along the coast, including here "Yafurai". Another was the reclamation of Hokkaido that began with the end of the Battle of Hakodate. As the castle of Yafurai's name suggests in Japanese, "Arrows won't come", it remains since the times of rivalry with the Ainu. And, Tenmangu Shrine is also here.
It really feels like a super rare trip, as not even many Japanese tourists come here. The chief priest was very kind.
xix Information: 3129 Yafurai Tenmangu Shrine

Trying the local cuisine!
Yakitori bento Yakitori bento at Hasegawa Store

Returning the bicycles, and again on the South Hokkaido Railway Company, this time to the commuter town of Hakodate, the Kamiiso district of Hokuto. This is where we can see and understand the community landscape of the citizens of Hakodate. The large suburban stores form a line along both sides of the national highway. Well, let's do as the locals do and go to Hasegawa Store. Write a request on the order sheet, and your bento lunch box is prepared hot and fresh just as you requested. I wanted to give it a try!

the Kamiiso district of Hokuto

We take a look around a little by the sea of Hokuto and go to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station by bus.

Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station as the sightseeing base!
Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station

From this point on, a 1-day course won't be enough. However, we introduce 3 places in an omnibus form that you should try by all means!

Course 1 Togeshita Cuisine
Course 2 Onumakoen(quasi-national park)
Course 3 Tanikankonojo (Tani Sightseeing Farm)

Togeshita Cuisine Michi-no-Eki Nanairo-Nanae Togeshita Cuisine Danshaku (baron potato) Lounge Togeshita Cuisine Danshaku (baron potato) Lounge Course 1 Togeshita Cuisine

Leaving Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station by bus. This area is the foot of what was formerly called Kayabetoge Pass. A tunnel was completed and the pass has gone, however the name of Togeshita (below the pass) remains. It is a place that has the road stop of Nanae town "Michi-no-Eki Nanairo-Nanae", "Danshaku (baron potato) Lounge", Southern Hokkaido soul food, and the Togeshita main restaurant of Lucky Pierrot. I call this Togeshita cuisine. It's a very fun and delicious place. It was perfect for casual shopping with many souvenirs and a cafe menu!

xix Information: 3154 Michi-no-Eki Nanairo-Nanae

Onumakoen(quasi-national park) Onumakoen(quasi-national park) Course 2 Onumakoen(quasi-national park)

Leaving Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station by JR. The marsh, Onuma is one of the quasi-national parks of Hokkaido, and was made by the eruption of Mt. Hokkaido Koma-ga-take.
There are a lot of small islands in the marsh. Because the weather was good, there was a superb view! I enjoyed it on a "pleasure boat".

xix Information: 3141 Onuma Quasi-National Park

Onuma sweet rice dumplings

The shopkeeper also taught us the origin of Onuma's special product, "Onuma sweet rice dumplings of the marsh house". Apparently the dumplings go hard if you don't eat them that day, so we ate them in the shop. They are soft and delicious.

Various experiences Various experiences Course 3 Various experiences (harvesting, Zen meditation, bonfire, etc.)

Among the various experiences available, this time we present harvesting! From a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, you can harvest what is in season and eat it freshly picked. How awesome is that? Mainly because of the fresh flavor! It's amazing! There are also various other experiences available, such as Zen meditation and bonfire experiences!

To Mt. Hakodate by bus from Hakodate Station front
Mt. Hakodate night view Mt. Hakodate night view Mt. Hakodate night view

We went to the peak of Mt. Hakodate by bus from in front of the station (service not running in winter). Today's night view was so clear that even the locals were surprised. The twinkling night view is beautiful. I wonder if visiting a sacred place or Tenmangu Shrine would have been better?

xix Information: 3032 Mt. Hakodate

There's also such a place in front of Hakodate Station.
Hakodate Miraikan Hakodate Miraikan To the Hakodate Miraikan (Future Museum), a place where you can have fun even if the weather's bad

We went to the "Hakodate Miraikan" in front of Hakodate Station. It's a huge indoor place.
It introduces you to Hakodate on a screen, the video changes by your movements, being a place of digital art that's fun for families! The view from the bell tower of the Christian orthodox church was great! This is a great place to go when Hakodate has bad weather.

Tabi Yaku-san Kaneni Fujita Fisheries Kaniman (Steamed Crab Buns)

The specialty of the Hakodate morning market is often considered to be fresh fishery products (squid, crab) and dried goods (scallops, kombu), but it is Kaneni Kaniman that is beloved by Hakodate regulars. Please take care as it is steaming hot. The crab is perfectly seasoned and very satisfying.

xix Information:503 Hakodate Kaneni Asaichi-ten

Tabi Yaku-san Tabi Yaku-san

A very convenient service has begun. Tabi Yaku-san that helps travelers with shopping by interpreting for them. Not only do they interpret, but they also escort you when shopping and explain to shopkeepers what you are looking for. On top of that, all though the transportation costs are charged separately, they can come with you into Hakodate City, not just the morning market.

Self-Discovery Trip Today's "Southern Hokkaido Healing Course" Self-Discovery Trip

"1-day tour pass "that allows you to visit so much in 1 day, from early morning to the night view on Mt. Hakodate. It's fun to check the timetables of city trams and buses and setting off! When you aren't sure, you can just ask, as everyone is very kind. I really liked the "self-made trip", going around and looking up sightseeing spots and destinations while viewing and interacting with the local community landscape. Travelling in Hokkaido is a 10/10 wherever you go as the water and bathroom facilities are clean and safe.
This Hokkaido trip was done with the Hakodate Area Passport, allowing us unlimited rides on buses, JR, city trams, and South Hokkaido Railway Company to the 2 cities and 3 towns of Southern Hokkaido, Hakodate, Hokuto, Mori, Nanae, and Shikabe.

Here for pass purchase

▶ Here for the 2-day course (horse trekking with Mori walk and Jomon Culture Center with Shikabe walk)

Check timetable here!

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