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We have gathered trips that use the tour pass of the Southern Hokkaido District area called the "Hakodate Area Passport". We have interviewed 2 groups, one group is traveling with a 1-day trip and the other one with a 2-day trip.
In any case, Hokkaido is huge. Different to Tokyo and Osaka, the population is low which is why there are less bus and train services. That's why one usually has to prepare an itinerary of travel destinations and timetable with fixed times. But, this unlimited pass is very convenient allowing you to get by with a one time purchase. You just present it when getting on board. This time you can buy the Hakodate Area Passport and take a casual stroll through 2 cities and 3 towns!
*For travel exclusively in Hakodate, there is also a pass called the "Tram & Bus 1-Day Pass"


the map of Southern Hokkaido

To start, we should understand the map of Southern Hokkaido. For trekking around Southern Hokkaido there are 4 separate locations to consider, Hakodate Station, Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station, Mori Station, and Shikabe Kanketsusen bus stop. If you know these places, you can then reach the sightseeing spots that branch off from each of these points.

At first we started from Hakodate Station, and using a 1-day ticket, fully walked around Hokuto. Then we went to one of Nanae's must-see spots, the Togeshita area. The thrill of the transfer was interesting. This is a trek of Hakodate, Hokuto, and Nanae by 1-day ticket. The first day of using the 2-day ticket started from Hakodate, we had fun horse trekking at the foot of Koma-ga-take, and after that, enjoyed cuisine while looking around the town of Mori. Then, we boarded the Aomori-Hakodate connecting ferry Mashu Maru as another fun thing to do. On the second day, we took a bus transfer and went to the Hakodate Jomon Culture Center. From there, we tried a variety of things at the Shikabe Kanketsusen Park. At night, we returned to Hakodate headed to Mt. Hakodate. We enjoyed conversing with the locals.
2 Recommended Courses
1-Day Course Various experiences, Onuma Park, Togeshita Cuisine with Hokuto Walk
Travel Date: September 24 / Weather: Cloudy / Using 1-day pass
Transportation Used: Hokkaido Railway, South Hokkaido Railway, and Hakodate Bus
Public Security:Good
Concerns:Will I have trouble taking buses and trains? Is Wi-Fi available? Will I be able to recharge my devices? Will the language barrier be an issue?
Things I Want to Do:I want to enjoy the scenery of the straight road that leads to the monastery, I want to get a Go-shuin seal stamp from Yafuraitenmangu, I want to order a yakitori bento.
2-Day Course Horse Trekking and Mori Town Walk, Jomon Culture Center and Shikabe Town Walk
Travel Date: November 13 and 14 / Weather: Cloudy with occasional snow / Using 2-day pass
Transportation Used: Hokkaido Railway, Hakodate Bus, and Hakodate City Tram
Public Security:Good
Concerns: Can I transfer to bus? Will the language barrier be an issue? Are the people nice?
Things I Want to Do: I want an interactive trip. It would be nice to talk with as many people as possible.

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