Nearby Onsen (Hot Springs)
accessible from Sapporo

Nearby Onsen (Hot Springs) accessible from Sapporo
Jozankei Onsen

Jozankei Onsen

Jozankei Onsen autumn leaves.Heal fatigue while enjoying rich nature. I say that it is Sapporo 's back seat. In addition to hot springs, there are free footbaths, day hot springs, caves that last 120 meters, walking paths. It is 50 minutes by car from Sapporo.

Koganeyu Onsen

Two hot springs which stand at the foot of the mountain. You can take a bath while looking at Toyohira River!

Asarigawa Onsen

A hot-spring village know as the backroom of Otaru, 30 minutes from Otaru Station. A great place for those sightseeing Otaru and Sapporo. There's a skiing area where you can come empty-handed. Lessons available.

Shikotsuko Onsen

Hot springs that spring from deep underground are a natural product closely related to the formation of lakes. The calm atmosphere enhances the charm of the hot springs themselves, which are in harmony with nature.

Kojohama Onsen

Located about 5 minutes by car from Noboribetsu Onsen, it is a hidden gem. You can spend a relaxing time with the comfortable hot spring water from the source.

Noboribetsu Onsen

9 kinds of Spring quality, famous as department store of hot spring which is also producing 3000 liters per minute. Jigokudani is the largest source area of Noboribetsu Onsen.

Karurusu Onsen

It is located at a high altitude of 350 meters above sea level, and is famous as one of Japan's most famous hot springs, thanks to its rich greenery, hot springs and natural environment that have a comprehensive effect.

Kitayuzawa Onsen

Located along the Nagaregawa River in the middle of Route 453 connecting Lake Toya and Lake Shikotsu, it has a large open-air bath where you can enjoy hot spring water gushing from the bed of Nagaregawa River.

Toyako Onsen

The "Lake Toya Long Run Fireworks Festival," held from late April to the end of October, is a popular event in this world-class hot spring resort area that has lasted for 100 years.

Iwanai Onsen

Five unique hot spring facilities with two different mineral-rich springs located between the sea and mountains in the Maruyama area. You can choose the one you prefer for its skin beautifying and detoxifying effects.

Takeyama-kogen Onsen

This is a beauty hot spring characterized by a slimy texture, and is a moor (plant-derived) hot spring. The secret to its popularity is the quality of the hot water. You can enjoy lodging, meals, and day trip hot springs.