July - SeptemberI have ordered event start date is earlier. There are events across the month. Please see the schedule well
  【Kushiro】Mar. 18, 2020 - Nov. 30, 2020
Iomante Fire Festival
【Suspending performance】 Performed at the Akan-ko Ainu Theatre Ikoro from late July to the end of November. It is fantastic Ainu dance that is performed with flames blazing in the night sky.

  【Esashi】July 4-July 5, 2020
Esashi Kamome Island Festival
【Canceled in 2020】 Praying for safety at sea and big catches, it is considered heroic to cover 'the broad-shouldered liquor bottle rock' which is the guardian angel of the sea with a Shinto straw festoon. There are spectacular events such as Esashi 1,000 people lead parades and a goods-carrying merchant ship boat race.

  【Yoichi】July 4-July 5, 2020
Hokkai Soran Festival
【Canceled in 2020】 Yoichi is the birthplace of "Soran-bushi". Enjoy the dancing parade, fireworks and local food.

  【Sapporo】July 4th-October 7th, 2020
Jazz Events throughout the City of Sapporo. Concerts are held over a period of two months featuring both domestic and international artists.

  【Sapporo】July 10-August 3, 2020
Pacific Music Festival(PMF)
【Canceled in 2020】 The Pacific Music Festival (PMF) is an international educational music festival, fostering the young musicians of the world, founded in Sapporo in 1990 by leading 20th century conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein.

  【Hakodate】July 10-August 8, 2020
Hakodate Open-Air Play Created
by Citizens of Hakodate
【Canceled in 2020】 Open-Air Theater that express the history of Hakodate by citizen participation.

  【Otaru】July 14, 2020
Malin Festa in Otaru
By event associated with on "Marine Day", You can enjoy various events in each places.

  【Shari】July 17-July 18, 2020
Shiretoko Shari Neputa
More than 15 groups of large and small Neputa parade on the 2.5km main street of town. The largest Neputa in Japan comes up.

  【Abashiri】July 18-July 20, 2020
Abashiri Roadside Station Night Market Festival
【Canceled in 2020】 Holding a beer garden at the special venue Roadside Rest Area Ryuhyo-Kaido Abashiri! Three days filled with gourmet food stands, charcoal fire grilled meat, stage events and more.

  【Sapporo】July 22-August 19, 2020
Sapporo Summer Festival
【Canceled in 2020】 There are various events including Open-air Beer Garden in Odori Park, Hokkai Bon Dance Festival and lots more.

  【Otaru】July 24-July 26, 2020
Otaru Ushio Festival
【Canceled in 2020】 About five thousand people walk dance "Ushio Nerikomi" (second day), show off local entertainment "Ushio Taiko", fireworks and mikoshi parade.

  【Furano】Late July
Hokkai Heso Festival
【Canceled in 2020】 A festival of unique Heso (belly button) Dance. Dancers make their “heso” (bellybutton) into a face, using paint, special costumes, and props.

  【Esashi】August 9-August 11, 2020
Esashi - Ubagami Daijingu Togyo Festival
【Canceled in 2020】 Hokkaido's oldest festival. 13 luxurious floats (called yama) parade around the town. It is designated as Hokkaido heritage. In the 'Float Hall', you can see the floats used in the festival and the appearance of the festival.

  【Sapporo】September 6, 2020
Jozankei "Kappa" Walk.
【Canceled in 2020】 The event that participants walk about 20 km from Edwin Dun Park in Makomanai to Jozankei Futami park.

  【Furano】September 6, 2020
Furano Wine Festival
You can savor the taste of autumn as Furano wine and grape juice, Furano beef, cheese, corn, potato, etc.

  【Nemuro】Early September
Nemuro Crab Festival
You can buy Hanasaki crabs, a typical food of Nemuro, for cheaper than usual. And more delicious dishes of autumn in Nemuro are offered.

  【Lake Akan】Early September - Early October
 Thousand Torches
We dedicate the fire to Apehuci Kamuy, the fire God of Ainu, offering the appreciation for our rich nature and its protection.

  【Sapporo】September 11, 2020-October 3, 2020
Sapporo Autumn Fest
Sapporo Autumn Fest shows the richness of food production around Hokkaido.
You can enjoy eating, drinking or buying food. And through those opportunities, you will get to know more about the food in Hokkaido and the people involved in it. Your heart will be fulfilled.

  【Abashiri】September 12 - September 13, 2020
Notoroko Sangoso (coral grass) Festival
【Canceled in 2020】You can enjoy delicious food and atmosphere at the beginning of autumn under the blue sky. The aroma of seafood caught in Okhotsk like scallops will spread over the festival venue.

  【Chitose】Late September
Indian waterwheel Festa
Enjoy foods made with Salmon that captured at Indian Waterwheel in Chitose river. You can watch the Salmon cutting demonstration.

  【Nemuro】Late September
Nemuro Sanma Festival.
【Canceled in 2020】Nemuro ranks first in the production of "Sanma" (saury) in Japan.
You can enjoy the most delicious and fatty Sanma.

  【Shin-hidaka】Late September
Shakushain memorial event
Ainu traditional dance and ceremony are performed.

  【Shintoku】Late September
Celebrate the new Soba (buckwheat noodle) of this year
Savor the just freshly harvested Soba.