Recommended Winter Experiencial Tourism
in Nakafurano Town, Hokkaido

Introducing Experiential Tourism content utilizing farmland and school building in winter; such as “forever and ever” straight line snowmobile experience, digging up vegetables stored under the snow experience, or other experiences in the vast farmlands in Nakafurano Town, Hokkaido.

◎Safe for Overseas Visitors

Reservations for the Nakafurano Experiential Tourism contents that are introduced can be made in English and mutiple languages through the website. Staff are also equipped with “pocket interpreters” (digital electronic translating device); therefore, inbound overseas visitors can participate with peace of mind.

Hot Air Balloon Free Flight Experence in a Snowy Landscape

A hot air balloon free flight plan exclusive and limited to winter season. A city surrounded by mountains, Mt. Tokachi, the Yubari Moutain Range with a snowy landscape as far and wide as you can see. Since it is a free flight, you may reach an altitude of 1000m to overlook the panoramic view of the great nature of Hokkaido from the sky if the condition is right.

"Forever and Ever" Straight Line Snowmobile Experience

An activity limited to winter season that utilizes the vast fileds of Nakafurano Town.
The extraordinary experience of speeding and riding on the snow in a straight line is exhilirating to the MAX!


10-22 Kitanomine-cho, Furano-shi, Hokkaido Alpine Keikaku Co.
TEL:+81-167-22-1311 / FAX:+81-167-23-4385
(Note: We may not be able to answer the phone while conducting the tour.)
Operating Hours :9:00-18:00 

Digging Up Vegetables Stored Under the Snow Experience

An experience to find and dig up cabbages that were stored during the winter under the pure white snow.
The vegetables that are stored and “resting” under the snow are sweet and delicious because of the increased sugar content.
The experience includes a lunch menu using the cabbages that were dug up as an ingredient.


 Higashimachi, Furano city, 076-0053
TEL:+81-90-6261-9668 LINE:@777epuar

Japanese Elementary School Experience

A telework facility called “Honko Labo” is located about 10km from the center of Nakafurano Town in a renovated 102 year old historic elementary school that closed in March 2019.
With an advance reservation, in addition to the workspace for telework, you are able to use the gymnasium (multi-purpose space) and the music room (community exchange space) to hold various hands-on events.

Hot Spring Accommodations in the Town

Furano La Terre, a natural hot spring resort in Nakafurano Town, has an open air bath overlooking the beautiful and spectacular mountain range, Japanese and Western large hot spring baths that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, and also enjoy the hospitality of exquisite cuisine focused on delicious local ingredients.
The website is available in English and Chinese languages, hotel has foreign staff who can speak English and Chinese, and check-in information and drink menus are also available in English. With advance notice, we are able to accommodate meals that exclude foods that cannot be consumed due to allergies or religious reasons so that overseas guests may stay with a peace of mind.


18, Higashi-1-sen-kita, Nakafurano-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido
TEL:+81-167-39-3100 / FAX:+81-167-39-3322

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