Welcome to Minamifurano, a sacred ground
that offers lots of activities for visitors.

In the town of Minamifurano, forests cover 90% of the land. The remaining 10% consists of the Sorachi River which is a transparent and popular rafting spot, beautiful Lake Kanayama formed by a dam, farms producing fresh highland vegetables, and the local people with a big smile.
It is about 100 minute-drive from New Chitose Airport to this small town, centrally located in Hokkaido blessed with fresh water and surrounded on all four sides by mountains. You will be able to see a whole new world by surrendering yourself to grand nature. Welcome to Minamifurano, a sacred ground that offers lots of activities for visitors.

Lake Kanayama Limited Time Event

This is the first spring limited time event held at Lake Kanayama,
a famous ice fishing spot.

Experience ice board walking on Lake Kanayama when it is totally frozen over

In this event, a boardwalk is set up on the surface of the vast Lake Kanayama, which is normally closed to visitors, and visitors can experience the great nature of Hokkaido in winter in a safe and secure environment.
It will be a large-scale event that cannot be easily imitated in other regions, where an ice boardwalk more than one kilometer in length can be set up.

Safe and secure, hands-free ice fishing experience at Lake Kanayama

At dusk, the twilight light gradually becomes more distinctive, and while you enjoy ice fishing, once you open your tent, you are in a different world. It is a special space where you can enjoy fishing and ice walking on a boardwalk. Walking on the vast lake, which is entirely frozen, and fishing for wakasagi by drilling holes in the ice. It is an ice event where everything is unusual and a surprise experience.

Activity Introduction

Kawanoko / Yukinoko

Donkoro Outdoor School

NRA(North River Adventures)

Kids com Farm

Hotels & Shops

By car (open road)
Via Route 237
1 hr 30 min, 80 km
North Liner
Bound for Obihiro Station, about 1 hr 45 min
By car (Normal road)
15 min, 13 km
By car (Highway)
About 1 hr 11 min, 90 km
By car (Normal road)
about 25 min, 22 km
JR Rapid Airport 3 min
JR Ltd. Exp. Ozora
1 hr 33 min
North Liner
Bound for Asahikawa Station 41 min

687 Ikutora, Minamifurano-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido 079-2403
(Roadside Station Minamifuranouchi)
TEL:+81-167-39-7000 FAX:+81-167-56-7990

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