Outlying tourist attractions : Niseko Annupuri Ski Area, Spring Water Kanrosui,Takahashi Dairy Farm, Niseko View Plaza,Mt. Yotei

Access:Niseko station-Annupuri, Sappporo station-Otaru station-Niseko station, Niseko station-Oshamambe station-Hakodate station

Recommended hotels
Onsen Hotel in Niseko Onsen Town
Niseko Konbu Onsen, Hotel Kanronomori

You can enjoy 4 seasons in Hokkaido

415, Niseko, Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido
TEL 0136-58-3800 FAX 0136-58-3107
IN 3:00p.m.-6:00p.m. (till midnight for guests not having dinner) OUT 10:00a.m
Guest rooms: 77 rooms in total, 25 Western-style rooms,9 Japanese-style rooms, 43 Japanese-Western style rooms

Free Wi-Fi in all rooms!
The sound of bird tweeting and trees swaying in the wind is pleasant and peaceful.
Close to the source of natural spring water called Kanrosui (Niseko Meisui) which is only in Hokkaido.
Please stay with us as a skiing inn in "NISEKO" which represents Hokkaido.

Reasons We Recommend

Three accommodation plans and meal types

*The displayed price is a basic fee and prices vary depending on the season, the day of the week, and the number of people, so the price may change depending on your selected date.
 This is the standard room charge per person for a room used by 2 guests including service charge and consumption tax. excluding bath tax (150 yen) .

Special Room with Private Onsen Room
(Plan A) Special Room with Private Onsen Room (80㎡) with breakfast and dinner
Bath with runnning Onsen water 2 beds (The bed size: 140cm x 200cm)
Seasonal rate
with breakfast start from 22,110 yen / with breakfast and dinner start from 25,410 yen
Deluxe Japanese Western Room
(Plan B) Deluxe Japanese Western Room (70㎡) with breakfast
2 beds (The bed size: 110cm x 200cm)
Seasonal rate
with breakfast start from 13,200 yen / with breakfast and dinner start from 16,500 yen
Superior Twin Western Room
(Plan C) Superior Twin Western Room (44㎡) with breakfast
2 beds (The bed size: 110cm x 200cm)
Seasonal rate
with breakfast start from 11,220 yen / with breakfast and dinner start from 14,520 yen

Photo gallery (Interior)
Hot spring < Relax with 2 open air baths. >
Cuisine & Restaurant < Provided at 2 locations, nain dining Clarinet and Cleo >

Guest room
Hotel Facilities
Equipment in the guest room 1
Equipment in the guest room 2

Neighboring sightseeing
Mt. Yotei
Mt. Yotei
Cape Benkei
Cape Benkei
Nikka Whisky
Nikka Whisky
Spring Water Kanrosui
Spring Water Kanrosui
Shellfish Museum of Rankoshi
Shellfish Museum of Rankoshi
Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
Niseko Annupuri International Ski Area
Niseko Annupuri International Ski Area
Michi-no-Eki “Niseko View Plaza”
Michi-no-Eki “Niseko View Plaza”

There are great walking hot spots recommended by locals on the maps!

Detailed information is displayed when you input the number listed on the map in this site.We distribute maps for free at hotels and tourist information centers in Hokkaido.



By bus

Get on Niseko highway bus from Otaruekimae, get off at "Ikoino Yuyado Iroha" (1 hour 52 minutes)
Get on Niseko highway bus from Sapporo station terminal, get off at "Ikoino Yuyado Iroha" (3 hours), and transfer by hotel shuttle bus (5 minutes)
Only during the summer and winter season : Get on the Chitose Niseko highway bus from Shinchitose airport, get off at "Ikoino Yuyado Iroha" (2 hours 55 minutes in summer time, 3 hours 10 minutes in winter time), and transfer by hotel suttle bus (5 minutes)
Only winter season : Get on the Sapporo Niseko highway bus from Sapporo station terminal, get off at "Niseko Annupuri Ski Area" (3 hours 40 minutes), and transfer by hotel shuttle bus (5 minutes)
*Reservation is required in advance to use the hotel shuttle bus
We will pick you up at "Ikoino Yuyado Iroha" or "Niseko Annupuri Ski Area (only in winter)".
Please be advised that it will take time to arrange the vehicle and you may be made to wait if a reservation is not made in advance.
During winter, there are very convenient direct bus services from Shinchitose airport to Kanronomori Hotel which are run by bus companies. Please check their websites.
Hokkaido Access Network [Hokkaido Resort Liner] +81-11-219-4411
Good Sports [White Liner] +81-11-624-8821
A1 - E5 - E8 Sapporo←→Niseko←→Annupuri Ski Resort Chuo-Bus(2019.12.1 - 2020.3.31)
A2 - E5 - E8 ONew Chitose Airport←→Niseko←→Annupuri Ski Resort Chuo-Bus(2019.12.1 - 2020.3.31)
A1 - A2 Sapporo←→New Chitose Airport Chuo-Bus
E1 - E5 - E8 Otaru←→Niseko←→Annupuri Ski ResortChuo-Bus
E2 - E6 - E5 - E8 Yoichi←Kutchan→Niseko→Annupuri Ski Resort Niseko Bus
A1 - E1 Sapporo←→Otaru Chuo-Bus
E1 - E2 - E7 - E3 Otaru←→Yoichi←→Bikuni←Shakotanyobetsu Chuo-Bus
E2 - E4 Yoichi←→Iwanai Chuo-Bus
By Car
From Sapporo (about 2 hours)
via National Road Route 230 Nakayamatoge to Kanronomori
From Shinchitose airport (about 2 hours)
via Shikotsuko lake and National Road Route 276 Bifunetoge to Kanronomori
From Hakodate (about 3 hours 20 minutes)
via National Road Route 5, Express highway (charged) and back on Route 5 to Kanronomori
From Iwanai (Road is closed during winter) (about 40 minutes)
via Hokkaido Road Route 66 Niseko Panoramic line to Kanronomori
*Please set the car navigation to general road priority.
[MAPCODE 398 345 277]
*Panoramic line is closed in winter season
*The above number in ( ) is the approximate time based on [Road map]
Carpark Capacity: about 150 cars (Outdoor)
Fee: free of charge
[Winter] Shuttle bus services between the hotel and ski area Below is the time table for 1st December 2019 until 22nd March 2020.
Kanronomori Hotel runs shuttle bus services between the hotel and each ski area.
It is free of charge for hotel guests.
*The time table is changed for the early season and spring ski season.Please check the updated information at the front desk.
Kanronomori ski shuttle bus time table PDF download (for 1st December 2019 -22nd March 2020)
The below bus is available between Niseko ski areas
Niseko United Shuttle
Please confirm operation time, operation time from the following address.
Niseko United Shuttle time table
By Train
Free of charge shuttle bus service from JR Niseko station (the nearest station) or JR Kucchan station Free of charge shuttle bus [By reservation only] *This service is only for the hotel guests

From Tuseday to Sunday

Kanronomori to JR Niseko to JR Kucchan
Depart from Kanronomori 8:45 10:45 13:00
JR Niseko 9:00 11:00 --:--
JR Kucchan 9:35 --:-- 14:00
Arrive at Kanronomori 10:15 --:-- 14:30


Kanronomori to JR Niseko
Depart from Kanronomori 8:45 10:45
JR Niseko 9:00 11:00
Arrive at Kanronomori 9:15 11:15
The following operation time is temporary
If you need a transfer, please contact the hotel (+81-136-58-3800)

From Tuseday to Sunday


For other times than the above, please use a taxi. It takes 10 minutes by taxi from JR Niseko Station
Niseko Hire:+81-136-44-2635
Niseko International Transport:+81-136-22-1171

Niseko Area Circuit Bus is useful between mid December until late in February
About Niseko Area Circuit Bus

Basic information
Hotel name Niseko Konbu Onsen, Hotel Kanronomori <Official Website>
Address 415, Niseko, Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido
TEL / FAX TEL +81-136-58-3800 FAX +81-136-58-3107
Check-in / out IN 3:00p.m.-6:00p.m. (till midnight for guests not having dinner) OUT 10:00a.m.
Rates Start from 10,200 yen(11,220 yen including tax) *This is the standard room charge per person for a room used by 2 guests
Credit cards and Mobile payments that can be used VISA / JCB / Masters / Amex / Diners / UnionPay / Alipay
Meal 〇 with breakfast and dinner  〇 with breakfast
The number of rooms 77 rooms in total, 9 Japanese-style rooms, 30 Western-style rooms, 38 Japanese-Western style rooms(5 special rooms, 3 special rooms with Onsen) 〇 smoking  〇 Non-smoking
Hotel Facilities
Bath 〇 Large communal baths  〇 Hot spring  〇 Outdoor hot spring  〇Reservable charged bath  〇 Sauna
Spring water quality:Sulfur containing-Sodium and Calcium-Chloride・Bicarbonate Hot Spring(Hydrogen sulfide type) (Hypotonic neutral high hot spring)
〇 Body soap  〇 Shampoo  〇 conditioner  〇 Face & hand soap 〇 Baby cot 〇 Diaper changing table
(For women) 〇 Milky lotion 〇 Face lotion  〇 Cleansing (For men) 〇 Hair tonic  〇 Face lotion  〇 Milky lotion
Eating & Drinking Facilities Restaurant(Breakfast 7:00a.m. - 9:30a.m. Dinner 5:30p.m. - 9:00p.m.(Last entrance 7:30p.m. L.O. 8:30 p.m.)  〇 Lounge
Lobby 〇 Water (Kanrosui) 〇 Daily newspaper
Barrier-free 〇 Wheelchair (3)  〇 Toilet(1 location in the lobby)
Others 〇 Elevator  〇 Shop(8:00a.m.-9:30p.m.)  〇 Vending Machines  〇 Alcoholic Beverage Vending Machines  〇 Ice machine
〇 PC   〇 Laundry
Room facilities
Bedside 〇 Clock  〇 Alarm Clock  〇 Notepad  〇 Pen
Power Source 〇 Electrical socket (100V )  〇 USB port (No USB port in some rooms)
Bathroom and toiletries 〇 Shower  〇 Bathtub   〇 Washing space(No space in some rooms)  〇 Shower-toilet(Washlet) 〇 Unit/Separate(Both type available)

〇 Toothbrush set   〇 Hand soap  〇 Body soap  〇 Shampoo  〇 Conditioner  〇 Shaver  〇 Shower cap
  〇 Hair brush  〇 Hair band  〇 Cotton kit  〇 Hair dryer  〇 Slippers  〇 Deodorant spray

Towels 〇 Bath towel  〇 Face towel  〇 Hand towel
Bedclothes 〇Yukata
Others 〇 Sofa  〇 Closet  〇 Hanger  〇 Desk Chair  〇 Desk lamp(Depens on room type) 〇 Small Kitchen(in 2 special rooms)
〇 Refrigerator(empty inside)  〇 Kettle Pot  〇 Water(Jug)
  〇 Tea set(Free of charge)  〇 Coffee set(Free of charge) 〇 Coffee machine (Only specific rooms)
〇 TV  〇 Air conditioner  〇 Room temperature control  〇 Humidifier  〇 Air purifier  〇 Safe  〇 Phone (Only internal call)   〇 Morning call
Rental Items 〇 Iron  〇 Trouser presser  〇 Extension cord  〇 Conversion plug  〇 Mobile charger
All Hotel 〇 Free of Charge  〇 No password  〇 Format / 11n  〇 Wifi Repeater
Guest room 〇 Auto lock  〇 Peep window
Hotel 〇 Sprinkler  〇 Emergency Lighting  〇 Flashlights
Front Desk Services 〇 Baggage Storage (Before Check-in, After Check-out)  〇 Home Delivery Arrangement  〇 Taxi arrangements
Service 〇 Room service  〇 Activity arrangements
Languages available at the front desk 〇 English  〇 Chinese
Multilingual Information 〇 English

Cancellation Policy

When there is a cancellation, the cancellation rate is charged as follows. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
  • No-show without notice : 100%
  • On the day: 100%
  • The previous day: 50%
  • 2 days before staying: 30%

Frequently Asked Questions

In case of cancellation of reservation due to customer's circumstances, we will charge a cancellation fee specified by our hotel from 2 days before the check-in date. Please contact us for cancellation fee. * Cancellation fee varies depending on each travel agency and reservation site.

Yes, we can store it at the front desk. Please ask the front desk staff. When sending us your luggage in advance, please fill in the "check in date" and "Reservation Name" on the document/slip of the courier or postal service.

If you have a reservation for dinner with your booking, please arrive before 19:00, if you plan to arrived after 18:00 please contact us. Otherwise, please arrive before 24:00.

Food and drinks from outside the building are not allowed at the dining venue under the guidance of the public health center. Just as it is a manner not to bring alcohol into restaurants and taverns, we also refuse to bring alcohol and juice. Please consult about baby food in advance. Food and drinks are allowed in the guest room.

It is available between 11:00 and 21:00. It costs ¥900 for adults and ¥300 for children (Both including tax). Rental towels are 200 yen. (We may refuse day bathing due to full occupancy or equipment inspection. Please contact us by phone in advance.)

Yes, we do. However, they are limited. Please request upon making the reservation. Please note that we will deoderise rooms when the non-smoking rooms are fully booked or a room type is booked that does not have non-smoking.
Also, if you smoke in a designated non-smoking room and thus special cleaning is required there may be a charge that is occurred.