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Autumn Leaf Spots in Asahidake

Autumn leaf spots near Asahikawa Airport

Autumn leaf spots near Asahikawa Airport
Daisetsuzan Asahidake

Taisetsuzan Asahidake

The earliest autumn leaves in Japan

Asahidake is a popular viewing spot for autumn leaves as the mountain begins to change colour from late August and hosts autumn colours by mid-September -- the earliest in Japan. Asahidake is also the tallest mountain (2,291 m) within Daisetsuzan national park which is the largest (226,764 ha) and first national park in Japan (December 4, 1934).
Visiting Asahidake to see the autumn leaves is very easy. Just take a bus from Asahikawa station to Asahidake Sanroku station and take the 10 min ride on the ropeway. When you exit Sugatami Station, located at an altitude of 1600 m, you will be welcomed by the sight of autumn leaves spreading out before you. The walk around the Sugatami Pond Course is 1.7km long or about 1 hour. The autumn colours of the rowan and birch trees are enjoyable for everyone including beginner hikers.
The Ainu word "Kamuimintara" means "the garden where the gods play." Such description is apt for walking around the Sugatami Pond Course.

Please check out Around Asahidake walking MAP. From ① Sugatami Station, first aim for ⑤ Sugatami Pond (Map No. 2143). You will see two observatory decks and a crater with the scent of sulfur. Next, aim for the three swamps and ponds. These are Suribachi Pond, Kagami Pond, and Mangetsu Swamp. Then return to Sugatami Station.
Mountaineering enthusiasts from all around Japan visit the Daisetsuzan range. A real pleasure of hiking here is traversing between the mountains. Possible traversals include Asahidake to Mt. Tomuraushi or Asahidake to Mt. Kurodake. Descending Kurodake leads to Sounkyo Onsen, descending Mt. Tomuraushi leads to Tomuraushi Onsen, and descending Mt. Tokachi leads to Tokachidake Onsen. Visiting the different hot springs (onsen) is another enjoyable activity that can start from Asahidake Onsen.

Best time to view the autumn leaves:Late August-Late September

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Spots to enjoy the autumn leaves around Asahidake

Print out the map and walk a trail!

Around Asahidake walking MAP

A quick detour

Asahidake Ropeway
Delicious croquettes that you can only eat here!

Mountain Peak Station (Sancho Eki)
We recommend the homemade croquettes that can only be eaten here at the Asahidake Ropeway made from local Higashikawa potatoes and Asahikawa Sasa pork. There is also organic coffee brewed with Asahidake source water.
Mountain Base Station (Sanroku Eki)
Carefully selected ingredients are used in the cafeteria, and in the summer, the local Higashikawa vegetable curry is the most popular. There are also very filling dishes such as ramen with cutlet or stewed offal.

Daisetsuzan Asahidake Ropeway

【 TEL 】+81-166-68-9111 【Official Website】

Recommended day-trip hot springs in Asahidake

Asahidake Onsen Hotel Bearmonte

Asahidake-Onsen, Higashikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
●Phone Number :+81-166-97-2325
●Opening Hours :0:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
●Closed Dates : Open all-year-round
●Fee :Adult ¥900 (tax separate), Child ¥450 (tax separate)
●Rental:Face towel ¥100(tax separate),bath towel ¥200(tax separate)
●Private bath(Reservation required/ until 5:00 p.m.)50 min. ¥2,000 (tax separate)
【Official Website】

Yukomanso Bekkan "Kamigami-no-Yu"

Asahidake-Onsen, Yukomambetsu, Higashikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
●Phone Number :+81-166-97-2101
●Opening Hours :12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. (Last admission 7:00 p.m.)
●Closed Dates : Open all-year-round
●Fee :Adult ¥1,000, Elementary school student ¥500(tax separate) Infant(Preschooler) free
※bath towel(Rental)¥300, Face towel(sale) ¥200(tax separate)
【Official Website】

Daisetsuzan Shirakabaso

Asahidake-Onsen, Yukomambetsu, Higashikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
●Phone Number :+81-166-97-2246
●Opening Hours :1:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
●Closed Dates :Confirmation required
●Fee :¥800(tax included)
【Official Website】

K's House Hokkaido

Yukomambetsu, Higashikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
●Phone Number :0166-97-2555
●Opening Hours :14:00~19:00
●Closed Dates :Confirmation required
●Fee :一人¥800(tax included)
【Official Website】

Access from Asahikawa Airport


About 1 hour from Asahikawa Airport on the shuttle bus "Ideyu"
<Please check the bus timetable>
About 40 km (~50 mins) from Asahikawa Airport via Routes 1160 and 1116