The Convenience of AEON

AEON Yunokawa Store is located about 7 minutes walk from Yunokawa Onsen resort. Inside you can use free Wi-Fi.
Union Pay cards, and various credit cards are accepted.You can get cash from the convenient AEON Bank ATM.
It is a duty-free store for consumption tax. You can take o-bento lunch boxes, sweets, cut fruits, drinks and other things into your hotel room, or use the eating area. There is a convenient AEON Store in Yunokawa.

Union Pay cards
Free Wi-Fi

various credit cards

Why Not Eat in Your Hotel Room?

Cut fruits

Cut fruits

High-sugar content mini tomatoes

High-sugar content mini tomatoes

Popular o-bento lunch boxes/
hand-rolled sushi

Popular o-bento lunch boxes/hand-rolled sushi

Popular o-bento lunch boxes/
tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet)

Popular o-bento lunch boxes/tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet)



Southern Hokkaido wines

Southern Hokkaido wines

The renewed 100 Seating Eating Area

The 100 Seating Eating Area

  • Gyoza Ohsho
  • Sazae
  • Gotoken
  • Mr. curry
  • Bibai Yakitori En
  • Don

Popular Items

Capsule toy vending machines,
Claw crane games

Claw crane games Capsule toy vending machines


Medicines Medicines


Cosmetics Cosmetics

Store information

Floor map [1st floor]

Floor map [1st floor]
Store nameCategory
1FAService CounterService counter, tobacco, vouchers

BFood SectionFood

CHome Appliances and Living Goods DepartmentLiving goods

Floor map [2nd floor]

Floor map [2nd floor]
Store nameCategory
2FCHome Appliances
and Living Goods Department
Stationery, toys, bedclothes, Capsule toy vending machines,
Claw crane games
DClothing DepartmentLadie’s, men’s, children’s outerwear & innerwear, shoes, luggage,
sundries & accessories
EHealth & BeautyCosmetics, Medicines

Staying at Yunokawa Onsen, See Mt. Hakodate or AEON Yunokawa Store after 7 pm.

14-5, Yunokawacho 3chome, Hakodate-shi
TEL +81-138-57-1311
[Business Hours]
Food : 8:00a.m.-9:45p.m.
Others: 9:00a.m.-9:00p.m.
(Some stores differ.)
8 minute walk from Yunokawa streetcar stop
30 minutes by regular bus from Hakodate Station

"Shopping Support" Used by Taxis.
Interpreting staff speaking English, Chinese, Korean and more are available in Hakodate morning market.
A service has commenced where an interpreter can ride in a taxi with you to AEON Yunokawa Store, guide you around to buy cosmetics, yukata, and more that are not available at the morning market.
STAFF is written on the backs of the purple uniforms. Please call out to them when you spot them!
* Please accept the taxi charges of coming and going (Approximately 4,000 yen).

Interpreting staff