Hokkaido Wine (Otaru Wine Gallery)

Winery Introduction

Otaru Wine Gallery About 20 minutes by car from the Otaru Canal, Otaru Wine gallery is along route 393 (maple highway 393) heading towards Kiroro Resort. From here you can views the Otaru townscape, Ishikari Bay and Mount Shokanbetsu. Why not stop by to take a look when you're taking a long drive?
In the gallery, watch a video showing the production process from grape cultivation to the finished wine, view the bottling line from behind glass, and sample delicious wine.

Wine Introduction

Otaru Special Selection Niagara
Otaru Special Selection Niagara

Hokkaido produced Niagara grapes with the highest sugar content are specially selected, and the extracted juice is concentrated by fractional freezing.
It has a unique flavor and fragrance and the strong natural sweetness of grape. It is popular for women with its fruity taste and low alcohol of 8%.
The 2014 vintage (sold out) was awarded the silver prize, and top award in its category at the Japan Wine Competition of 2015.

TitleOtaru Special Selection Niagara
IngredientHokkaido Niagara
Typewhite wine, sweet
Alcohol by Volume8%

Otaru Niagara Sparkling
Otaru Niagara Sparkling

A sparkling wine with a simple sweet taste and Muscat grape fragrance reminiscent of Asti spumante. Otaru Niagara sparkling wine which has had an overwhelmingly positive reception from females, has a high-quality design. It makes a perfect Christmas time beverage as it's bursting with fruity sweetness and aroma.
It was awarded the silver prize at the 7th Japan Wine Competition.

TitleOtaru Niagara Sparkling
IngredientHokkaido Niagara
Typewhite wine, slightly sweet
Alcohol by Volume10%

Hokkaido Wine (Otaru Wine Gallery)

Otaru Wine Gallery

Where Wine Can Be Purchased

15 minutes from Minami Otaru Station by car.
60 minutes from Sapporo by car.
Company NameHokkaido Wine Co.,Ltd.
Address130, Asarigawa-Onsen 1chome, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido
Business Hours9:00a.m.-5:00p.m.
(until 3:00p.m. on the last day of the year)
Regular Closed Day12/30-1/4
Tours, Wine tasting, Direct salesPaid, and free tours available, wine tasting, and direct sales available
Foreign language supportUnavailable
Note ※Please check availability for Free Winery Tour (no charge).
※Guided Winery Tour (charge applies) requires reservation.
※Please be aware that there are times that the factory is not in operation and tours are not possible.