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Hitsujigaoka observation point offers an amazing view of a pastoral landscape where you can gaze upon flocks of sheep in a vast meadow as well as the statue of Dr. Clark. Views of the prominent statue as well as many other monuments with connections to Hokkaido and Sapporo can be viewed in this location.

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Sapporo Hitsujigaoka
Observation Hill

Address:1, Hitsujigaoka, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
Operating hours: 8:30a.m.〜6:00p.m.(May.-Jun.)
Rest House Operating hours:
10:30a.m. 〜5:00p.m.(May.-Jun.)
Souvenir shop, Miyata-ya Café, Snow festival museum:
Open year-round
Admission Fees:
Adults: 520yen. Elementary and middle school age: 300yen.
Small children no charge.

Hitsujigaoka Recommended Spot 8
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The Statue of Dr. Clark

The Statue of Dr. Clark
Boys be ambitious ! These are the famous parting words left by the expert who left Hokkaido to his students at Shimamatsuzawa. Pose and take a picture with the statue posing towards the streets of Sapporo here in Hitsujigaoka.

Sapporo Blanc Birch Chapel  Honeymoon Picture

Sapporo Blanc Birch Chapel
Honeymoon Picture
Why not take a honeymoon picture together at a snow white chapel surrounded by a white birch forest field with lavender. We can take a picture that captures the beauty of the seasons from the gorgeous Hitsujigaoka observation point making a lasting memory.

Austrian Pavilion

Austrian Pavilion
We have limited Hitsujigaoka items such as cute sheep dolls and Dr. Clark cookies as well as Sapporo and Hakodate souvenirs plentifully available. There is a fun photo studio, Hitsujigaoka cafes, original soft serve ice cream flavor, take out and rest areas.

Hitsujigaoka Rest House

Hitsujigaoka Rest House
Why not try Jingis kan (barbecued lamb), which is synonymous for food in Sapporo in a spacious rest house? We have choice lamb and mutton meat, eat it as you like whether it be all you can eat, all you can eat and drink or by item, the choice is yours.

Snow Festival Museum

Snow Festival Museum
Roughly 2,400,000 tourists visit the snow festival from around the world (estimate from 2014). The snow festival is an event held in Odoori and other venues. The history of the event is displayed in photos, panels and models in an easy to understand fashion. Free entry.

Monument to the Nippon Ham Fighters

Monument to the Nippon Ham Fighters
A monument for the director, coach and players who hold the dreams of Sapporo citizens and Hokkaido citizens in Hitsujigaoka who can see the Sapporo dome. It is a memorial to the creation of the Sapporo based Nippon Ham Fighters baseball team.

Hitsujigaoka Relieving Foot Hot Spring

Hitsujigaoka Relieving Foot Hot Spring
Try the hot springs for your feet at various locations around Hokkaido (We display the origin of the hot spring water at each hot spring). Made from Larix Kaempferi and Abies sachalinensis (Types of larch and conifer native to Japan). Heated cycle filtration water is used. Free to use.

Monument to Yujiro Ishihara and his song

Monument to Yujiro Ishihara and his song
This statue is a memorial to the song "Love City Sapporo" with the lyrics "Meeting under the clock tower, my love began".

Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill


Peaceful scenery with a comfortable breeze.

Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill is a popular tourist spot for both domestic tourists and international tourists. From the hill you can look down on the entire Sapporo city, Ishikari plain and the silver roof of the Sapporo dome.
You can see visitors taking pictures with a unique pose in front of Dr. Clark who is called a pioneer of Hokkaido's development. It's 10 minutes from Fukuzumi station by bus.
It's a peaceful place near the hustle and bustle of central Sapporo.

 regular tourist bus service taking you to Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill

Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill MAP

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ポップアップカード Special gifts for foreign visitors!
You can get a pop up card capturing the Sapporo winter.
Where to receive:
Manager's office, Austrian Pavilion 1F, Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill
How to receive:
Provide the entry ticket for the observation hill and one of the following.
1: A printed copy of this web page
2: Show the screen of your smart phone displaying this page
3: UU-Hokkaido「Walking MAP」 → Where you can find this map

Recommended Spot (Hitsujigaoka Rest House)

Interior of rest house



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Recommended Spot (Austrian Pavilion)

Stuffed Sheep Dolls

Exclusive Souvenirs

Fun Photo Studio

Soft serve ice cream

Take Out Area

Rest Area

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Popular Spot (Sapporo Blanc Birch Chapel)




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Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill Photo Corner

Lavender Scenery

Sheep Play

White Birch Forest

Night View

Freezing Hill

Silver Dome

Cosmos Season

Open Sky

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Map & Access


■Get off at Fukuzumi station, Toho line subway.
 → 10 minutes bus ride (福84・羊ヶ丘線, fuku hachiju yon・Hitsujigaoka sen). Get off at the last stop Hitsujigaoka observation hill (Hitsujigaoka tenboudai).

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Zoomed in map

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