SAPPORO STELLAR PLACE, the largest shopping mall in Japan, which is in the JR Tower

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kita 5 jo nishi 2 chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo city Hokkaido Japan
Fixed holiday:Open year round
Business Hours:
■B1F~6F Shopping 10:00~21:00
■Center 6F STELLAR DINING 11:00~23:00
■Store hours are different
  • Café Danmark [Center B1] 8:00~21:00
  • Starbucks Coffee Center 1F shop [Center 1F]
  • PAUL [East 1F] 8:00~22:00
  • Tully's Coffee [East 6F] 10:00~22:00
  • Kaneko Eye Clinic [East 6F]
  • Mikuni Sapporo [Center 9F]
    11:30~14:00、17:30~22:00(last order time 20:30)
    ※ Closed Tuesdays
  • Sapporo Cinema Frontier [Center 7F]
    8:45~24:00 ※ Differs according to business hours

Center 2F Niwaka

■Center 2F "Niwaka"
Niwaka jewelry is a brand originated in Kyoto. Thorough and uncompromising craftsmanship details and consideration made to fit the finger comfortably, A popular series each with a meaning of eternity or wrapped in your heart. Tax-free available.

Center 4F Ne net

■Center 4F "Ne-net"
A free casual clothing concept. Good choice of design and material built into every single item. Happy and fantastic Ne-net clothes have won over many fans including parents and children, men and women, couples alike. Tax-free available.

East 2F Merci Beaucoup

■East 2F "mercibeaucop, "
mercibeaucop, /brand of designer Eri Utsugi. No other has so much distinctive feeling, balance and original textile prints for each season. Tax-free available.

Center 5F Tic Tac

■Center 5F "TiC TAC"
A shop of watches and watch lovers, the functions are of course good, but also cool, and cute watches to be enjoyed. The Popular G-SHOCK, SCHAUER of Germany, and STOWA, and a wide assortment of other watches. Tax-free available.

Center 5F Snoopy Town Shop

■Center 5F "Snoopy Town Shop"
Official shop of the popular Snoopy and his friends, the "Peanuts" goods. Limited editions of goods that can only be purchased at the Hokkaido Snoopy Twon Shop.

Center 6F Nemuro Hanamaru Sushi(revolving)

■Center 6F "Nemuro Hanamaru Sushi(revolving)"
Seafood is sent directly from Nemuro and the local waters where the main store is. Being Hokkaido, you can really enjoy the seasonal flavor as well as the freshness. The menu has 100 single dishes including soup and the most popular salmon sushi at 140 yen (tax included)!
The freshness is outstanding in summer, our fatty saury is superb, and in winter we recommend the creamy cod milt that melts in your mouth. We have Hanasaki crab battleship roll sushi, home-made salmon roe seasoned with soy sauce, and toppings that can only be experienced locally, and 7 to 8 rare items served regularly. We also serve special soup including one made from the bony parts of salmon as well as a Hanasaki crab soup. You'll love the lively and vigorous atmosphere.



The shopping center is directly connected to Sapporo Station with approximately 220 stores including ladies, men's, family, dining and cafes, cinemas.

Receive 10 "WELCOME COUPON" when you show your passport or the Hokkaido Rail Pass at the information desks in APIA (limited to foreign travelers visiting Japan).
One coupon worth 100yen OFF can be used for every 2,000yen (tax-included) purchases.

Personnel  Tomomi Asada

Stylish people from around the prefecture gather at SAPPORO STELLAR PLACE. Shopping until 9:00pm and dining until 11:00pm

Points of Interest

Free wireless internet introduced 

There are 32 access points ready to use within the facility. More details are available at each information desk within the facility.

Popular Brands, state-of-the-art shop with a large collection

A state-of-the art shop for the extremely fashionable person with large collections, richly stocked with a casual megastore, character and daily goods, cosmetics and hand relaxation and a variety of other items, a purveyor shop for those Stella fashionable types, men's and music, street type shops, a bookstore and a a large collection of popular brands.

Tax-free shops We support a China Union Pay Card in some stores

68 tax-free shops, 9 shops support a China Union Pay Card. ※ As of April 2015.

 Tax-free Shop List (Chinese)

Colorful and convenient cafes and dining places, including Japanese and Western styles, to enjoy a meal and take a break in the middle of shopping.
Not only shopping, but you can also view much art work scattered throughout the area.
In addition, toilets where diapers can be changed, the small size and easy-to-use toilets for children use, toilet with baby keep, cute and clean restrooms on each floor available free of charge. ATM is available at East B1F

Map & Access


kita 5 jo nishi 2 chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo city Hokkaido Japan  TEL:+81-11-209-5100


【Nearest station】
  • JR Japan Rail
  • Directly connected to Sapporo Station
    From New Chitose Airport JR Rapid (Airport) 36 minutes
    From Asahikawa Station Super Express (L Tokkyu Kamui) 80 mins
    From Otaru Station JR Rapid (Airport) 28 mins
  • Subway
  • Nanboku Line --directly connected to Sapporo Station
    Toho Line-- directly connected to Sapporo Station
  • Bus
  • Directly connected to Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
    Sapporo Station North Exit Bus Terminal--directly connected to JR Sapporo Station
    Front of Sapporo Station Sapporo Station—Tokyu Department Store south side 1-minute walk
【Guests arriving by car】
  • 2 hours free parking service
    2000 yen purchage: 2 hour free parking at Apia, Esta, Paseo, STELLAR PLACE Present your Sapporo parking ticket to each shop staff at the register.
  • Parking Discount
  • One per one parking ticket. Cannot be used with multiple purchases. Some shops carry different conditions and services.
【Taxi stop】
  • Taxi stop:Sapporo Station South Exit
  • Taxi stop:Sapporo Station North Exit

Language service

Staff (Information desk)Japanese
Ceiling hanging signJapanese, English, Korean,
Simplified Chinese,
Traditional Chinese
general pamphlet
Japanese, English, Korean,
Simplified Chinese,
Traditional Chinese

Credit card that can be used

China UnionPay, VISA, JCB, Master, AMEX, DINERS

China UnionPay VISA JCB MASTER AMEX Diners

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small-group trips, observation tours, etc.

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Shopping center directly connected to Sapporo Station JR TOWER