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The AEON MALL Asahikawaekimae, which is the shopping mall directly connected to Asahikawa Station, offers many convenient services for tourists such as duty-free shopping, free Wi-Fi, ATMs that are compatible with overseas issued credit cards and more.

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AEON MALL Around Asahikawa Station

2-5, Miyashitadori 7-chome, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido

Business Hours :
■ AEON Around Asahikawa Station 8:00am〜10:00pm
■ Flower & Garden 8:00am〜10:00pm
■ MOS BURGER 8:00am〜9:00pm(L.O.8:30pm)
■ Delifrance 8:00am〜9:00pm
■ Store specializing in AEON MALL 9:00am〜9:00pm
■ FOOD COURT 9:00am〜9:00pm
 (Times for last order differ between restaurants.)
■ RESTAURANT 10:00am〜10:00pm
 (Times for last order differ between restaurants.)
■ AEON CINEMA 9:00am〜0:00am

Open year-round

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Directly Connected to JR Asahikawa Station.
In the vicinity of the station is the bus terminal that can take you to Sounkyo, Kurodake, Asahidake, Biei, and Furano.

TAX-free Shop: The Tax-free shops are assembled.
AEON Around Asahikawa Station,
Store specializing in AEON MALL: UMEYA (Pastry), KITA KITCHEN (Food), MI PLAZA (Apparel and miscellaneous goods), GYOKKODO (Music), cosme910 (Cosmetics), SHINYA (Sweets),Tre Frecce (Clock), B-Three (Stretch pants), Fuji Megane (Glasses), morimoto (Pastry), WORLD IMPORT BOUTIQUE EX (Import brand), Oriental shop MARAI(Ethnic fashion, Asian Goods), LEPSIM LOWRYSFARM(Ladies),SAC’S BAR(Bags and purses), Amatone Access'rio(Accessories, Bag), Right-on ex(Men's, Ladies, Kid'd)
※ As of the end of May 2015.

Multi-lingual touch screen store guide
(Digital Signage)
English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese are shown on the screen.

Free Wi-Fi is available everywhere in the building. You can go online while dining, middle of shopping or having coffee.

This ATM allows foreign issued credit cards (listed below) for withdrawal in Japanese yen.

Hokkaido's popular restaurants are waiting for your visit on the 4th floor restaurant town. Every restaurant accepts the Union Pay Card.10:00a.m.-10:00p.m. Crab, Sushi, Shabushabu, Sukiyaki, Japanese food, Tempra, Soba, Tonkatsu, Soup Curry, Pasta, Pizza, Japanese style pasta, Gyuu Tan, Buffet

1The 1st floor food court has sweets and fast food. Ramen, Sanuki Udon, Chanpon, Pasta, Takoyaki, KFC, Sweets, Bakery, etc. 9:00a.m.-9:00p.m. (Times for last order differ between restaurants.)

AEON MALL Around Asahikawa Station


The AEON MALL directly connected to JR Asahikawa Station offers various services for overseas customers, such as tax-free shopping (consumption tax can be returned), Multi-lingual touch screen store guide (English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese), free Wi-Fi available everywhere in the building, ATM allowing foreign issued cards to withdraw in Japanese yen, and shops accepting Union Pay Card. There are many Asahikawa souvenir and sweet shops such as Rokkatei and Royce, sports gear specialty shops which sell gear used Mount Taisetsu and skiing, a laid back food court and popular restaurants, information center which can assist you in holiday arrangements on the ground floor.

Floor Guide

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Food Court (Eat at ease)
AEON STYLE (Supermarket)



Ladies Fashion
Services & Clinic



Kids & Family
Hobbies & Culture


Movie theater

【Floor Guide】



Points of Interest


As a serviced aimed to our overseas customers, you can enjoy tax-free shopping at some of our stores at AEON MALL Around Asahikawa Station. 

■ About the Tax-Free Process
Those customers from overseas who bought products subjected to tax return can receive consumption tax back by the necessary procedure.
What you need for the procedure: (1) Passport (2) Receipt from the day of purchase (3) the Purchased Products
Money Spent:General goods: over 5,400 yen in total for the same day spending
Consumables: between 5,400 yen and 540,000 yen for the same day spending
Where to Apply: service counter, any tax-free shop

Credit card that can be used

AEON, China Union Pay, VISA, AMEX, MASTER, JCB, Diners, etc. (Differs depending on store.)

Access & Map

From New Chitose Airport to Sapporo Station
Rapid Airport 37 min. (1,070yen)

From Sapporo Station to Asahiakwa Station
Ltd. Exp. Super Kamui 85 min. (4,810yen)
Ltd. Exp. Okhotsk 94 min. (4,810yen)
Ltd. Exp. Super Soya 87 min. (4,810yen)
Ltd. Exp. Sarobetsu 96 min. (4,810yen)
Express Bus Asahikawa Gou 120 min. (2,060yen)
[Sapporo Station Bus Terminal no.14]

From Asahikawa Airport to Asahikawa Station
Airport bus 30-40 min. (620yen) [Bus stop no.1]
Regular bus 35 min. (620yen) [Bus stop no.1]

To Various Places From Asahikawa Station
■ Asahikawa Local Sightseeing
Destination Bus Stop Number Bus Line
Asahiyama Zoo 6 Asahikawa Denkikidou Bus【41,47】
Asahikawa Ramen Village 18 Dohoku Bus【66,72,665】
Otokoyama Sake Brewing Museum 18 Dohoku Bus【70,71,630,667,669】
Takasago Shuzo Meiji Brewery 14 Asahikawa Denkikidou Bus【23,24】
Kawamura Kaneto Ainu Museum 14 Asahikawa Denkikidou Bus【23,24】
Sounkyo 2 Dohoku Bus【81】
Biei 3 Dohoku Bus【40】
21 Furano Bus
【Lavender Gou】
Asahidake 4 Asahikawa Denkikidou Bus【66】
Furano 21 Furano Bus
【Lavender Gou】

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■ Eastern Hokkaido Sightseeing
Kitami JR, Dohoku Bus/Kitami Bus (Tokkyu Sekihoku Gou)
Abashiri JR
Shari, Utoro JR
Kushiro JR, Dohoku Bus/Akan Bus (Sunrise Asahikawa-Kushiro Gou)
Obihiro JR, Dohoku Bus/Tokachi Bus (North Liner)

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